Divorce Literacy Monthly Publication

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Take a deeper look at the intersection of divorce, real property and mortgage planning.

If you work with clients who have real property or mortgage concerns involved in their divorce, Divorce Literacy will keep you updated on current trends and solutions that affect divorcing homeowners.

Take a deep dive into subjects like Military Divorces, Divorcing Seniors, Divorce & Real Property Transfers, Divorce Mortgage Planning, and so many other notable topics applicable to your practice.

What you'll get in your monthly issue:

  • Case Studies
  • Divorce Market Insights
  • Divorce Real Estate Concerns
  • Practical Negotiation Principles
  • Financial & Tax Planning Strategies
  • Divorce Mortgage Planning Resources

Provide a higher level of service to divorcing homeowners as you continuously learn creative stratgies and applications for divorces involving real property. 

$59 Annual Subscription

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